Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tess Revisited

Remember my first newborn session?

Sweet tiny baby, Tess?

Well guess what?

She's 6 months old! And full of laughs and giggles and lots o' drool!

Check her out yourself.

Oh my word! Look at her and her big girl self!


Her chunk o feet were not to be ignored. Seriously!

Ok...I need 4 more of these PRONTO!


Sweet girl...Mrs. Billie officially loves you...

Can't wait for her year shots!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hatcher Engagement Pics

Valentine's weekend I got to take my first engagement pictures. We had originally planned a beautiful country setting, however, our friendly blizzard here in the south thwarted that.

So, we headed to some great spots in downtown Conway. The results make me happy!

This was my 2nd shoot with sweet Jessica but my first time to meet Ryan

This picture makes tear up just a little at all they have ahead of them

His hand on her back...it gave me a sense of protection every time he would do that...

Look at HER!!!

They just loved each other

His smile and her sweetness...LOVE IT!!!!

Everyone together now...awwwww!

This was one of my favs for the color!

Looking forward to your wedding in just a few short weeks!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old Navy Kids Spring Fashion Show

I wasn't originally asked to do this. However, since my kids were in it and the store camera was a little point and shoot, I sorta fell into photographing the entire fashion show so they could send it to their corporate offices.

Basically, our local Old Navy store had their Spring 2010 Fashion Show for kids and my 2 were in it. However, I fell in love with all of these little kids.

Take a look for yourself!

One of the little girls was very shy and didn't make the picture

Journey won my heart!

of course this supermodel has owned it for years!

Sassy Jordan had us in stitches!

Ok...check out Ava's foot popped up behind her. That was her pose.

You can check out many more photos on my Facebook site. They are being sent to their ON headquarters. Yikes!