Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Break

I will be taking a break until after Christmas to celebrate with my family (and of course, take lots of photos of them!)

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas yourselves!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Soiree!

Ok...In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE doing photography. Seriously, LOVE IT!

However, I must say that this session was perhaps the most fun so far. Simply b'c I got to sit back in the shadows and be me.

And, you know...there was good food!

I was invited to come and be the "photographer" (I still have trouble calling myself that) at a friends 3rd Annually Christmas party that they were having for their ballroom dance group.


She wound up with almost 90 pictures from this so choosing just a few to go here or on Facebook was terribly difficult.

Lots of food...

Tons of laughter...

And see...dancing! This was the couple that did a "showcase" for us first. It was so fun!

THEN we moved on to some Dirty Santa...

Then everyone danced. Seriously, it took everything in me not to get out there and dance myself. However, I think I might have hurt this young man's back in the process.

Thank you, Hughes, for a wonderful time!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Pike Family

Remember when I did this lovely family? Well...this last weekend we did the rest of the family.

The entire family!

It was an honor to get take even this picture alone:

Having been a part of this family since I was 13 years old gave me a right to get somewhat teary-eyed as I edited this picture. I KNOW this family. Thru their ups and downs, ins and outs. And here they are and all together.

This is Rachel and her doggie, Charlie Brown. Aren't they just beautiful together?

They had warned me that this sweet girl doesn't smile much and to not try to force her. So I didn't. And the results were stunning!

This is Granny and Grandpa's hands. These hands are part of a very special photo that I am only sharing with the family.

Here are those 2 best buddies again. They played and played and I snapped and snapped. It was the most fun.

The grandson is all about skateboarding so we headed to the skateboard park to catch him in his element. I LURVE this photo!

What good would leaves be without a fight?

Isn't this little miracle girl beautiful?

Thank you, Pike Family, for giving me a piece of you to capture on film forever. I love y'all so much!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Rusher Family

I have known this mom thru one of my best girlfriends. She also does photography so when she asked me to take her family photos, I was honored! They have such an amazing testimony of the Lord's faithfulness.

We had planned to do these outside, however, when it dropped to 20 below outside, we opted to do them at her house. We were slightly pressed for time, but I'm still so very tickled with what we got and I hope they are too.

They are just a beautiful family, inside and out!

I couldn't resist sweet Emma's little shoes she was so occupied with.

Abbie is a little spitfire. She and I got along splendidly.

I've decided I love having another photographer to shoot! She had some great ideas and this was one of them.

I don't know why I love this one so much, but I do.

And these 2...aren't they gorgeous together? Whew!

It was wonderful to see you again and a blessing to take your photos.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sisters, Sisters, There Were Never Such Devoted Sisters!

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon's sisters, Michelle and Yvonne.

We met up at the Capitol Hotel (please go rent a room there since they let us do it for free) and even though their holiday decor (and subsequent low lighting to set the mood) posed a challenge for me, we still got some great shots!

Asking these 2 to just chat it up...was like asking the wind to blow. They immediately had plenty to talk and laugh about!

Look at her eyes!

Let me just say...this girl could S-A-N-G! Whew! She sat at this piano and sang "Amazing Grace" and people were stopping to watch.

This cracked me up!

Here I asked them to do something they did as a child and they started doing "Down Down Baby" and got so tickled at each other for messing it up. I got probably 4-5 really good succession shots off of this!

As soon as my camera came up, this girls inner Cindy Crawford busted on out! She would literally move her head, face or eyes as many times as my camera could click.

Thank you for a fun Saturday evening girls! Hope you like 'em.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Claytons

I had the funnest time Saturday afternoon with the Clayton Family and the sweet little apple of all their eyes, Maddox!

This picture of Maddox's mom and dad just melted me

He was in a big claw-foot bathtub here and we had the most fun with it

No words...

This is Maddox playing with his uncle and you can tell...he was having the BEST time!

These were the sweet folks who let us use their beautiful home to take the first round of pictures. Thank you, Jennifer and Arthur!

From there, we headed to Maumelle where the sunlight brought out Maddox's deep blue eyes!

Thanks for a great day, Clayton Family! I look forward to seeing some of you again on Saturday.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yours, Mine and Ours

The momma in this family works at my son's school and let me just say...both of my kiddos ADORE her! Seriously.

So when she asked me if I could take her family photos when all her kids were in and I said yes, I didn't know what I was in for!

You see, he has 2 and she has 1 and they have 2 plus one nephew plus 2 foster kids. That's EIGHT CHILDREN! Yup! But it sure was a ball o' fun!

See...nice BIG family!

Sweet Alexis. Bless her heart, I kept calling her Hailey. Don't ask why. But shortly after this photo was taken, her sweet little self took a nosedive into the fountain.

Weren't they sweet?

And I haven't had a collage on her in a few posts, so here ya go. Yours, Mine and Ours make a family!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Brothers, Sisters and Cousins, Oh My!

Remember the maternity shoot I did few months back?

Well, she and her sisters wanted me to do some pics of all of the kiddos together.

Yup, 6 kids. It was most certainly lively! But they turned out so good.

I probably took 80 or so shots of just this pose because I knew that one of them would be looking off or something. I found ONE...this one that was perfect!

This is sweet Ben. Isn't he handsome?

Oh, Ella-Claire and her chubby cheeks and deep blue eyes stole my heart!

Isn't Devyn beautiful?

And here is sweet Billy Lee now outside of his momma. Nice to finally meet you!

We all headed back to my house for some Christmas tree shots and just check out these sisters?

Makes me wish I had one!