Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Country and Best Friends

She is my best friend from High School. We have been together all these years thru thick and thin and have been with each other as we have raised our families.

As a result, our daughters are best friends. While they don't see each other often at all, they reconnect immediately upon seeing each other!

Just like their mothers do.

So it was my pleasure this weekend to get a session with them.

Capturing them just being what I'm all about! We did get some good 'posed' family pictures, but this is my favorite.

Here are the BFFs. I brought my Baby Girl along for this exact reason. We got many good pics of them together. The City Girl and the Country Girl. (For more of these, you can go to my personal blog here.)

They even brought their puppies along for the trip.

'Dad' will kill me for this one, but I LOVED it! Look at 'Mom' in the back smiling at him.

Aren't her eyes beautiful?

Thank you guys for letting me document the beauty that is your family. I love y'all!


Mandy said...

We love you, too!

bec said...

great pics! I'm glad I was there to see it! I love the one of KP!!

The Proctors said...

Those are great pictures!! You are doing such a wonderful job!

jana said...

Thank you, for sharing photo's of my family. These photo's are wonderful. For the first time I saw a natural photo of Keith the way he used to photo when he was little. There great and you just made a mother/MIMI very proud. Thank you, Jana

P.S. I would like to obtain one of the CD's