Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Elsinger Engagement

This past Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure...honor to photograph my two favorite lovebirds. You see...this woman...Chris...is one of my best friends. Sure she's a few years my senior, but this woman LOVES me. 100% completely. She would take out anyone who gets in her way to protect me...my heart...my reputation.

Just ask her.

Or better yet, don't!

She has had a time of it all in her past. Many years of a broken and maimed picture of what a husband is intended for.

Until she met Mark.

As you can see, she finally knows what true love is. Just look into her eyes...you'll see it there.

Notice her "key" necklace? That's the key to his heart he had made for her. All together now...AWWWW....

I ADORE this photo! With and without the saying. But our other best friend found this saying and it's so true for them. She IS his princess and he IS her prince.

Watch out now!

This one speaks VOLUMES thru this picture. Those of you who have been a part of their story...you can see it.

And to wrap up this post and make everyone jealous...I've tried this on!!! WHEW!!!!

I love you 2 so very much and look forward to June where I get to celebrate with you both as you start your happily ever after!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The McGee Family

One of these ladies has been my mentor for going on 7 years now. So I was pleased to be able to spend the day with her and her entire family at their annual Easter celebration. We threw in some family photos while we were at it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Vilonia Senior prom

This past weekend was the Jr/Sr Prom for all my youth from church. One sweet little couple asked if I would do thier pictures for them and I was happy to!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My First Wedding

I finally waded thru all 1,700+/- pictures.

Yes, that is in thousands.

And narrowed it to around 200 that they have to print however they want.

I learned a lot doing my first wedding. And excitedly looking forward to my next 2 scheduled ones this summer.

Here are just a few of my personal favorites. May not be theirs, but it's my site :-)

Getting her hair and makeup done by her girlfriends

her little sister was GUIDDY with excitement

I love her sister looking on

The ceremony

After they walked back down the aisle and were the only 2 out the door...I caught this pic

Her "something new"

Cake time! Yum!

Dancing with her new husband

Surprised her Daddy with a dance too

His little daughter was sad watching her daddy dance with the bride, so he danced with her too. Tugged my heart strings!

And now...Mr. and Mrs. Hatcher

And now it's official!