Thursday, October 29, 2009

SP in the Downtown Session

Oh My!!! How I loved doing this session.

This is a friend of mine from work. We met first at the Clinton Library and then made our way into the Rivermarket.

The results were wonderful!

LOOK at her eyes!

The leaves...they made this session really easy...

Loved this ring!

Isn't she georgous?

Sticky Fingers restaurant let us take pics there too

What would my post be witout a collage!

SP...thank you for letting me try to capture 'you'.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

God's Creation

Isn't it amzaing how God made everything so perfect?

Case in point: I saw these during a session I did in downtown LR Saturday. Aren't they breathtaking?

Have Frame. Will Travel.

Some people have asked about what will happen once it gets too cold and we can't do things outside.

Let's bundle up and get some fun pictures!

Or...I know LOTS of your houses are o' so beautifully decorated for Christmas! So why not do some with your very own decorations? you know of some beautiful inside places we could go to? I do!

But if you don't really want any of those options, my Father-in-Law has helped me out and built this frame! It is lightweight and portable. We can set it up anywhere that has enough for this 7'x6.5' frame!

Here it is full size (and after my kids kept running under and around it!) This works for full standing shots or large families that we can scoot in a chair or stool for.

Here it is shortened to accommodate the floor shots.

And see...I told you...PORTABLE!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The B Family

What a fun little family this was! Seriously! When they first got there "B" was a little shy. But as the session wore on he completely came out of his shell.

Take a look!

What a precious family!

And when "B" smiles...I melt!

They are Ole Miss fans (and I forgave them, they just wanted pictures) and they wanted pics with their football garb. "B" was more than willing to oblige. He would tackle his Daddy, then shout "he's going for a touchdown" and then we'd hear "TOUCHDOWN REBELS!"


Oh...oh...the Momma in me just shed a tear over this one.

Look at his face!

OH MY!!!

He was tickled...

Couldn't you just sop him up with a biscuit?

It was a pleasure getting to know you B Family. Hope to see you all again soon!

And that snake in the hole...:-)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Wild Ones

This past weekend I had the pleasure of my first Little League session.

LOTS of learning points during this session! They were tons of fun and the weather was beautiful.

With this session I charged just for each CD and then created one CD per kid with 10 of their own shots and then all of the generic or group stuff.


Had to get the good ol' "Memory Maker" in here

I LOVED this kiddo's helmet and was excited to use this effect on it

Studying the field

A collage of action shots

Each player got one of these

Nice action shot, #2!

Each player got one of these...

And this as well

We HAD to have a goofy one in here, of course!

Each player got one of these with their pose in it

A pep-talk just before the game started

Batter Up! Go Wild Ones!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Beautiful Creature

While I'm processing the 2 sessions I did this weekend, I thought I would share this. While I was at one of them, a young lady found this beautiful creature that had a broken wing. Since it couldn't fly, I infringed upon it's rights and took some beautiful pictures of it.

Here are just 2 of them.

On Hannah's shoulders

If you click on the picture and make it a little bigger (all my pics have to be scaled to fit on this site) you can see the hairs on its back.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Photos

I headed out (on a very dreary day) with my very own kiddos to our local pumpkin patch.

To see some of my personal favorites, you can go to my personal blog here.

But here are some of my very close seconds!

Here is my Baby Boy singing a song...

...immediately followed up by his bestest cheezer pose!

This one reminds me that my Baby Girl isn't so 'baby' anymore


This one steals my heart. He is looking up to his Big Sister (like always) while she seems to have that protective sister look on her face.

And I LOVE this filter!

I love this shot b'c it's "them"

And of course, what would one of my posts be without...collages!

I think I'm fallin' for fall!