Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have Frame. Will Travel.

Some people have asked about what will happen once it gets too cold and we can't do things outside.

Let's bundle up and get some fun pictures!

Or...I know LOTS of your houses are o' so beautifully decorated for Christmas! So why not do some with your very own decorations?

Or...do you know of some beautiful inside places we could go to? I do!

But if you don't really want any of those options, my Father-in-Law has helped me out and built this frame! It is lightweight and portable. We can set it up anywhere that has enough for this 7'x6.5' frame!

Here it is full size (and after my kids kept running under and around it!) This works for full standing shots or large families that we can scoot in a chair or stool for.

Here it is shortened to accommodate the floor shots.

And see...I told you...PORTABLE!

1 comment:

Andrea said...

LOLOLOL....portable! awesome! and LOVE the pic of you with the camera!!! LOVE IT!