Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Wild Ones

This past weekend I had the pleasure of my first Little League session.

LOTS of learning points during this session! They were tons of fun and the weather was beautiful.

With this session I charged just for each CD and then created one CD per kid with 10 of their own shots and then all of the generic or group stuff.


Had to get the good ol' "Memory Maker" in here

I LOVED this kiddo's helmet and was excited to use this effect on it

Studying the field

A collage of action shots

Each player got one of these

Nice action shot, #2!

Each player got one of these...

And this as well

We HAD to have a goofy one in here, of course!

Each player got one of these with their pose in it

A pep-talk just before the game started

Batter Up! Go Wild Ones!


Anonymous said...

those are AWESOME!!!!

bec said...

Okay...seriously...when are you gonna open your own studio? I'll be your booking agent! These are remarkable! I don't know these kids but I feel like I should have one of these pictures just because they're so awesome!

Alison said...

LOVE the one of Clay's helment! Awesome look!

Anonymous said...

That Clay kid sure is a handsome kid.