Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Kemp Family

I had a double family Saturday afternoon at what was quite possibly the funnest place EVER to take photos. It was at the sisters Aunt's ranch in Cabot.

She doesn't know this yet, but I have plans to move in with her.

Anywho, I know the Hankins sister from church and years of friendship. Her sister is the momma in the Kemp family.

And I just love them! I mean, see for yourself. What's not to love?

This was "Dad's" idea and I'm so glad he had it. Just look at 'em!

Sweet Taylor!

I could have kissed his face off. And actually, if this picture was in full size, you could see that someone did b'c he has lipstick on one side of his cheek :-)

This is the kids all together (hopefully I'll have their pics done tomorrow) with their parents behind. What a cute-o family!

Taylor was having a wonderful time trying to get to this horse without him getting to her. And watching her try to kiss him was priceless!

Well, Kemp Family. You were so much fun and so easy to photograph. I look forward to some more pics with y'all and perhaps then we can photograph in another 1/2 of the ranch. Sheesh!

*Maybe by then I'll be moved into the ranch*

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