Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Pike Family

Remember when I did this lovely family? Well...this last weekend we did the rest of the family.

The entire family!

It was an honor to get take even this picture alone:

Having been a part of this family since I was 13 years old gave me a right to get somewhat teary-eyed as I edited this picture. I KNOW this family. Thru their ups and downs, ins and outs. And here they are and all together.

This is Rachel and her doggie, Charlie Brown. Aren't they just beautiful together?

They had warned me that this sweet girl doesn't smile much and to not try to force her. So I didn't. And the results were stunning!

This is Granny and Grandpa's hands. These hands are part of a very special photo that I am only sharing with the family.

Here are those 2 best buddies again. They played and played and I snapped and snapped. It was the most fun.

The grandson is all about skateboarding so we headed to the skateboard park to catch him in his element. I LURVE this photo!

What good would leaves be without a fight?

Isn't this little miracle girl beautiful?

Thank you, Pike Family, for giving me a piece of you to capture on film forever. I love y'all so much!

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Andrea said...

i love these...and the grandparents hands...i dont even know them and almost cried!