Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reed Family Celebration

I was asked by a good friend of mine to come and take photos of a family get-together they were having in honor of Mother's Day. In addition, some of the families were going to want family photos.

Plus, they were bringing in some food.


Now, I've done some shoots at this farm in Cabot before and I. Loved. It! I was so excited to be there again. And the folks that live there asked me to even take pics of everything inside and out on the property for insurance purposes.


Here are just a few from the night.

These 2 best friends had to have their pic made together. But I LOVE how drastically different their eyes are!

Oh. My. Word. Eyes! I already fell immediately in love with this young man b'c he kept calling me ma'am and would not let me carry anything! Camera bag? "Let me get that ma'am." My plight-of-a-short-photographer ladder? "You don't need to carry that ma'am."

His wife will thank his parents one day.

A Daddy and his buddy!

These were some of the most fun. In one of these pics when I zoomed it they were really having the MOST fun together. It was a moment captured.

I loved all of the generations there.


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