Thursday, July 15, 2010

Carol Smith-Guilliams Bridal Shoot

I've been DYING to post these forever, but since the wedding was tonight, I finally can!

My first bridal shoot was at the Capitol.

Me and "The Capitol" are no longer friends. The lighting is horrible, but I did learn lots of great lessons.

To poor Carol's expense :-(

But she still loves me and says I'm just too hard on myself. is my beautiful and quirky bride!

I LOVE what they are doing with their shoes. They are both wearing these electric kicks with their wedding date embroidered on them.

This was the necklace Colton got her for Christmas one year.

Her eyes are mesmerizing!

He did good on that ring.

I ADORE this picture for some reason.

Now THIS...this is Carol. The Carol we all know and love and are super excited to see walk down the aisle to the man she has loved for as long as I can remember...

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