Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aunt Pat's 80th

My husband's Aunt turned 80 this month and I had the privilege of being asked to not only attend, but capture these memories for them. I have now known her for 14 years and couldn't think of any other place I would rather be!

Aunt Pat traveled and lived in many different countries, so they had food made (by her grandchildren) representing the countries. It was phenomenal!

I ADORE this picture! Makes my heart sing.

These are her 3 girls. Her son couldn't make it, but this picture IS THEM so much!

These are Uncle Harold's siblings that could make it to the party.

They brought out a little bitty cake that had EIGHTY candles in it. And then they LIT IT! We were so stinkin scared the alarms were going to go off. But I love that the little boy helping her blow it out is her great-grandson.

Happy birthday, Aunt Pat! Looking forward to many more years of you blessing our lives!

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