Monday, September 13, 2010

Tess Turns One!

I have had the sweet pleasure of photographing Baby Tess Here for her newborn pics (man how I would love to redo those now knowing what I know!) and Here for 6 months and now she has turned one year old and I had the pleasure of capturing her again.

Now...Tess has obviously turned into a much more serious toddler than she ever was as a baby. I mean, she wasn't cranky at all...quite the opposite actually. She just didn't want to smile. And that in intself was pretty daggum sweet!

Her kissable lips and icy blue eyes are enough to make you melt!

Her Mom and my baby girl were walking her and she was loving it! Obviously. Look at her cubby little feet!!!

Eyelash alert!

This sweet pic was for her grandmother. See...this is her aunt!

I love you sweet Tess! Even with all your grown up toddler seriousness.

1 comment:

Alison said...

Not only do we get to see how much Tess has grown...we get to see how much you have grown as a photographer!

She is just so cute...I could kiss her face off!